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Hand in Hand Patient Advocates


Who We Are and What We Do

We believe that the health insurance industry is overly complicated, not patient friendly, and that there are not enough advocates helping patients navigate and understand this dilemma.  With many years of health care experience in medical coding, carrier customer service, and department of insurance interactions, we have seen hundreds of clients get taken advantage of because they did not know their rights!

As a result of our direct experience in assisting patients navigating this complicated web on behalf of insurance companies and medical providers we have concluded that there was not a third party, unbiased, advocate who had only the patient's interest in mind. 

Because of this deep concern, Hand in Hand Patient Advocates was created. 

We are a real patient advocacy firm that has only one person's interest in mind. 

The patient's. 

We are able to help countless Americans per year because we intimately understand the insurance industry, medical coding, and inner carrier workings.  We are able to identify immediate cost savings, and catch billing mistakes quickly and efficiently, and truly be an advocate for the millions of Americans who simply are not educated in this field. 

You Have a Problem and You May Not Even Know it!

Unless you are trained professionally to read medical bills and explanations of benefits it is extremely difficult to ensure you are not being overcharged and maximizing your benefits.


Watch the videos below to see some of the extreme situations of why having a patient advocate is so important!

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